Sunday, 12 May 2013

12 May 2013

After the occasional single or small group going through for the last week or so, the local Swifts seem finally to have arrived yesterday evening, a whole week late.

With the advent of Twitter as our primary means of communicating bird news to each other these days, I have been worrying about the lack of records on our blog, which may mean that in future years we may not be able to look back at things like migrant arrival times.  Twitter is a great method of disseminating news but somewhat ephemeral.  So I have embedded a feed of our tweets so they don't get lost in the dustbin of history.

Unfortunately the Twitter feed will not trigger an automatic email for those of you that get the email updates about our blog posts, so I'm afraid you'll have to visit the blog to find out what we have all been up to (or follow us on Twitter of course!).