Saturday, 6 October 2012

6 October 2012

Lots of Mediterranean Gulls flying around the village and dunes this morning.

In the afternoon, after a tipoff by Colin, Ted and I took our cameras down to photograph a Lapland Bunting in the South Dunes.  This gave me the opportunity to compare the difference between the FZ150 which Ted used and the GH2 which I used.  I am currently agonising over whether to crack and buy a Canon DSLR with the 400/5.6 lens to lump around instead of the diddy micro four thirds or superzoom setup.  I would REALLY like to be able to photograph flyover passerines better, but I do enjoy not having backache too.  The GH2 is a good camera but it is not much cop for birds in flight.  Here are the Bunting shots - can you tell which camera is which?