Friday, 1 June 2012

1 June 2012 - double Shrike!

A lovely male Red-backed Shrike in the North Dunes this evening.  I cycled up to see it and on my way back bumped into Ted, who had also cycled up.  He then saw it, and on his way back bumped in turn into another birder, a friendly Glaswegian, who had just seen a Woodchat Shrike! They went back and refound it together, and then Ted cycled back to my house to tell me the news, and we both hacked back up on our bikes in the fading light. After a while Ted (superbly) found it again in the distance, and we sneaked up and secured a couple of record shots, as you can see below.  A very nice way to kick off the half term holiday, and our thanks go to the unknown birder from Scotland!


Lishers said...

How far apart were they,

Tim Allwood said...

Hi Sean,

Hope you and the family are all enjoying the belated good weather.

Watched the Woodchat between 04:30 and 06:00 this morning. Not a soul there the entire time. Beautiful morning. And at least this one was good enough to be in the TG42 section of Winterton.


Sean said...

Hi Tim,

Blimey you were there even before Phil! Yes we're all good thanks. I guess TG42 counts as in your patch!


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