Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Boundary Issues - a three church approach

Surely you saw the Duffle's Pond unblocker Kingfisher Ted? 

In any case Marsh Tit is another problematic species which would become much easier with the boundary revision, as well.  I think your church argument clinches it assuming it's correct -after all parishes are based around churches aren't they? So if we can prove that after the ruination of St Mary's church the poor folk of East Somerton had to traipse all the way to Winterton on a Sunday rather than nip over the road to the other St Mary's in West Somerton, then we can all praise the lord for several armchair ticks.  We simply need to appoint a Collective Historian to check out the dates etc, then follow up to ratify at an Extraordinary General Meeting, where we can also take advantage of the library special offer on DVDs and screen "The Big Year".  I'll offer my house as the venue and provide nibbles...