Thursday, 19 January 2012

14 January

After hearing word of an expansionist plot (see previous post), I hopped onto the next flight back from Beijing to investigate what all the fuss was about. After walking the controversial concrete track I could see the temptation to expand Winterton's boundaries. I counted 9 Common Cranes, at least 50 Fieldfares and, most exciting of all, 5 Tree Sparrows in the forbidden lands.

Despite these potential gains, I shall be voting (assuming the Collective is still a democracy and hasn't been taken over by a crazed dictator - Pete?) to resist calls for an invasion, I mean merger. According to my straw poll of local citizens (I asked a bloke walking his dog on the public footpath), East Somerton wishes to remain independent. As he said to me, "for now it's East Somerton but where would it end? Hemsby? Horsey? Poland?". Wise words.

And as if to remind me that Winterton has it all, the birding gods arranged for me to luck in on a Treecreeper along Holmes Road. Who needs East Somerton, eh?