Sunday, 3 April 2011

3rd April 2011 - the Mother's Day Eagle

Huge excitement this afternoon. We had noted that a White-tailed Eagle had been seen around Cromer but we held out little hope for down here. That all changed when Keith Dye called to say it had been seen at Stalham, which is pretty much along a straight line from Cromer to Winterton. We all shot up to the windmills just outside the parish and began scanning inland. Suddenly Pete shouted "What's that over the church?? It's the eagle!! I've got it!!" and sure enough there is was, flapping heavily past Winterton church, on the seaward side of us! We called various Spotters, including John, who walked out of his front door to see it flying over his head. It lumbered south to Hemsby then turned inland, seeming to go towards Ormesby, and then we lost it. Great record, especially considering that the last one in the parish was shot, I believe. Shame it didn't stay longer to annoy the "say no to sea eagles" folk who seem to be plentiful around here. Sean

Yes indeed , this is all very nice but the above account fails to mention the "Bird of the Day" - a slightly ragged Canada Goose heading north this morning. Also a nice smattering of Blackcaps and Willow Warblers now. Significantly, no Black-headed Gulls were seen in the Parish today. Pete

Bloody hell I was just looking at my Winterton list and fantasising about Canada Goose... and Coot. Bah! Commiserations to Colin on the Eagle but congrats on scoring the Low Road Bullfinch. Sean

Thanks for the commiserations but its worse than you think because I didn't see the Bullfinch. Colin (posted by Peter)


Anonymous said...

Well done Spotters! I remember reading an old Patterson book about a sighting (I think it was in the 1890s) about 3 White-tailed Eagles wintering in the Winterton area and one was hooked by a fisherman (the eagle tried to take his bait!).