Sunday, 13 February 2011

13 February 2011

We are still here and will be coming out of hibernation for Spring migration.  We are all slightly annoyed not to have seen a Waxwing in the parish.


Tim said...

You must be the only Birders in
England who have not seen Waxwings.
Tim Hemmings.

Peter Ransome said...

You should come to lowestoft we have a nice lot 45 at pakefield and we have a similar number at Gunton.
Please don't give up looking at Winterton as I have missed your usual excellent reorts of birsa and other wildlife over the last few months!
Peter Ransome

Tim said...

Go to Winterton and wake them up
from there Hibernation.
Is A.G.still alive?,No reports from
Yarmouth bird club since 31 Dec.