Monday, 15 February 2010

15 February 2010

Colin and I went on a crack mission this morning with two aims: 1. To see a Treecreeper. 2. To find Colin's keys which he lost yestderday, attempting to see a Treecreeper. We were successful in one of our aims - we saw a lovely, clean Treecreeper, shinning up the single Oak Tree in the field South of the Holmes Road woods. Also of note were three Cranes, a Brambling, a small flock of Skylarks, three Sparrowhawks displaying and, much to our relief, at least two Goldcrests; conclusive proof that they are not extinct. All definitely worth the near-death experience of hanging about in the cold, and the puncture I sustained on the way back. A large flock of Fieldfares was just outside of the parish. Sean

While I failed yet again to find a Treecreeper in the parish I did see a Short-eared Owl hunting in the area described in the mid afternoon. Ted.

And Colin found his keys this afternoon too.  Great day! Sean


Terry said...

Nice one. Persistence pays. You may have the last two remaining Goldcrests - I haven't seen any for months. Maybe you should begin a captive breeding programme to save the species.. Pete's kitchen would be ideal.

Sean said...

Cheers Terry. How do you know when there is a new post on the blog? Is there a setting somewhere that emails you to let you know? (Or are you just sadly checking each day?...)

Terry said...

Ha ha.. that would be very sad indeed (especially as it only gets updated once every few weeks! :-).

Every new post from the blogs I 'follow' appears on my google 'Dashboard', so I am alerted straight away.

Well done Ted on the Short-eared Owl - not an easy bird in winter in the Parish any more.