Monday, 12 October 2009

12 October 2009

Clearly fun and games were had here today whilst we were all at work.  First, according to a well know bird information service, there was a "possible Sardinian Warbler" which, ten minutes later became a "probable Subalpine Warbler" and finally transmogrified, several hours later, into a Dartford Warbler (probably more realistic).   All of this took place "in the dunes 1 km south of the church".   Unfortunately 1km south of the church would put the hapless observer/s smack bang in the middle of  the road to Hemsby, seriously inland, rather than anywhere near the dunes.  Also reported, presumably by the same personage, were two Lapland Buntings "in the South Dunes by the wire fence 800m south of the church".  We have no idea where that might be either.  Fear not, however, we will send a crack team to investigate tomorrow.